Designed for Homes and PYMES


Call and Receive calls TO and FROM anywhere in the world (setup of DID Outgoing/Incoming Number required, additional fees may apply). Limited to 1 Incoming and Outgoing DID (may be from different providers) for up to 10 Simultaneous Channels.

Communicate from your SIP based Phones or Softphones between extensions for free!
IVR and Conference Rooms included (2 IVR Included, and 1 Conference Room up to 5 participants, customer must provide recordings for Personalized IVR Messages).

SIP Protocol Based Systems 100% Supported (Grandstream, Cisco, Linksys, Polycom, etc). Most SoftPhones supported as well.


Voicemail (sent via email if required).


Extension recording (up to 6 months, recordings available for download via Web after the 6 months, for a grace period of 1 month) limited up to 10 Extensions.


Extension to Extension Video Calling (when customers Client Hardware/Software supports it) with the following Video Codecs: h264 / h263p / h263 / h261. Price per Extension after 10 Extensions.


Record incoming and outgoing calls (charges may apply).